We Are OPEN in August!

Look at this scrumptious Ramen photo, that was taken by our customer who has joined the class of Classic Tokyo-style Ramen before.

The shoyu (soy sauce) Dashi soup looks beautifully made and so clean!
We can not be more grateful for our customers’ kind sharing of your remaking.

Now, it’s time again to be tightened up aiming for fighting against COVID all together.
Sociable number is strictly limited, however our door will open for you limiting two guests per class in August 2021.
This is a unique chance to learn authentic Japanese cuisine catching up with your bestie or boy/girl friend in our intimate space.
Our passion for sharing our cooking and culture still burning vividly and why not spicing up your life with us!

We are going to announce the menu and schedule of August in a couple of days. Please keep your eye on our website or social medias.
Thank you for your unwavering support.

Pease stay safe and well during this period.


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