Zuke (Marinated) Seafood Chirashi Sushi

5th May is Children’s Day in Japan and particularly we celebrate boys’ health and growing on the day.
Then I made my boys’ request for the dinner.
That was Zuke (Marinated) Seafood Chirashi Sushi.

The toppings were shiny, and the antique Japanese food box which is called Ojuu (お重) seemed like jewel box.
Ice plant worked well for creating a lively and fresh atmosphere.

Of course, the boys were chuffed and happy eaters for their celebration!

Then yesterday, that was Mother’s Day in Singapore and they prepared surprise cards for me 🙂

Somebody told that ‘There’s no way to be perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.’
That is so true, I am truly lucky to be my sons’ mum.

Happy Children’s Day and Mother’s Day!

Naoko xx

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