Imitation Holiday Flight -An Airline Meal in the Sky

The children are missing travelling around during school holiday so much, that is not only our adults.
We distracted our strange circumstance by playing a traditional Japanese toy -Fuku Warai (įĶįŽ‘い)

For such boys, I tried to make a fun time stimulating their imaginations 🙂 The theme was Imitation Holiday Flight -An Airline Meal in the Sky!
I made fire for BBQ and grilled hamburger and Yakitori (skewered chicken), and set up a table like a dinner service of air flight 🙂

The kids built up their own hamburger I just cooked on the grill.

Then we played in our imaginations of making a holiday 🙂
Hahaha, we can’t go anywhere however our imaginations can freely fly to anywhere whatever!

That was only what I can do for the boys’ holiday at this moment.

Let’s make a wish for 2021 🙂

Naoko xx

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