Amberjack (Kampachi カンパチ) 3 ways

Finally we have found our new home in Barcelona. (Woo Hoo!)

And here Barcelona is such a wonderful place for seafood lover. A good friend of mine kindly took me to the best place to buy the freshest but also very affordable priced fishmonger in a local mercado (market).

Can you imagine how much I was so excited? Of course, without hesitation, I brought back an amazing amberjack from the market to my kitchen!

Then I made 3 different dishes using the whole fish.

Before I will share my foods, I have to confess that I have only super minimum kitchen utensils that I can use for my daily cooking until my boxes will be delivered by ship around the end of May 🙂

Obviously I have only one set of serving plates and if I need more, some disposable alminum bowls and trays are my companies lol
The first dish was Marinated Amberjack and artichoke salad.

Most trays are recycling plastic ones! lol
Never mind, the second one is Sashimi Amberjack with Fresh Papaya & Fennel.

Tucking in is so fun!

Any ingredients are so so fresh and colourful, which makes me uplifted!

The third one is Fried Amberjack with Spinach Cream Sauce, Risotto.

The risotto is made with Amberjack broth that is from its spine and head.

Oh our new chapter has just begun and we are thrilled for it!

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