Shime Saba (Marinated mackerel), Tororo Kombu (dried shaved kelp), Japanese Potato Salad

One of my favourite fish, mackerel.
The other day, I got a fresh one from a local market.
The fish that held its roe is very fatty and the taste is nutty, that is perfect for Sashimi.

Then I cleaned the fish and marinated with vinegar, sugar and salt.

We call a vinegary marinated mackerel, Shime Saba しめ鯖, shime means marinated or cured and Saba is mackerel.
That is super common and popular for Sushi as well, but we sometimes relish Shime Saba itself as a main dish.

Tororo Kombu wrapped Shime Saba and Japanese Potato Salad balls 🙂

Ummm so good!

Have a lovely weekend ahead!

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