Cider-braised Pork Stew

This hearty food is French home-style meal and everybody of my family loves it! Just before serving, I always sprinkle grated cheese over. I totally have no idea that where and who doesn’t like this tasty food? Hope you have a lovely day. Naoko


Chicken Wing Karaage

Karaage might sound troublesome (because a lot of washing wait for you afterwords!) but, for me, it is pretty easy choice as I just need to marinate meats in advance and deep-fry them. Just it.And also, I don’t know who don’t like Karaage? 🙂 So, the other day, when I […]


Tempura & Soba, 21st August 2022

Tempura & Soba Tempura is one of iconic Japanese food and originated in Edo (old name of Tokyo). Relishing crispy but succulent Tempura blowing your breath is so delightful experience. The earthy taste of Soba noodle matches Tempura and they are perfect combination for your meal. You can make your […]