Cider-braised Pork Stew

This hearty food is French home-style meal and everybody of my family loves it! Just before serving, I always sprinkle grated cheese over. I totally have no idea that where and who doesn’t like this tasty food? Hope you have a lovely day. Naoko


Chicken Wing Karaage

Karaage might sound troublesome (because a lot of washing wait for you afterwords!) but, for me, it is pretty easy choice as I just need to marinate meats in advance and deep-fry them. Just it.And also, I don’t know who don’t like Karaage? 🙂 So, the other day, when I […]


Omotenashi Class -Okinawan Feast, 27th August 2022

Omotenashi -Okinawan Feast Okinawa is the most southern island in Japan and it is well-known of long life place. Their summer season is similar to Singapore and their unique cuisine packs a lot of tips of healthy life. The slow-cooked pork belly with Awamori that is Okinawan liquor is cured […]