Hirame no Nitsuke (Soy Braised Sole), Sawara no Saikyo Yaki (Saikyo Miso Marinated Spanish Mackerel), Prawn Ginger Okowa, Spinach Salad, Zenzai (Mochi with Anko Soup)

Look at this pretty fish! This is named Hirame in Japan, and is mostly cooked by brasing and deep-frying.

The flesh is so soft and tender, and most importantly, it is very easy to eat the flesh using shop sticks even for kids.
We can easily pick up flesh from bones and there is less pin bones, that means very safe for kids.

This time, I cooked that with a very traditional Japanese method, Nitsuke that means braise with condiments.

The sweet savoury thick sauce for the fish is so tasty and perfectly match Okowa rice (Japanese glutenous rice) that was seasoned with dried prawn and lots of fresh ginger. Can’t stop munching, it was an endless loop!

Saikyo Miso Marinated Spanish Mackerel that was marinated for 5 nights were so tender and flavourful as the fermentation of Miso works for making the meat/fish softer.

The kids who tried Nitsuke dish first time were so fascinated to pick the flesh up by themselves!

And the result was

Well done, boys, you sorted it out well! (clap, clap)

A sole would be perfect for training of skill of chop sticks 🙂

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