Recipe -Bistro-style Chicken Cream Stew (Chicken Fricassee) with Couscous

Hi there!
It’s been a while since I shared the recipe last time, but today’s recipe is based on traditional French cuisine but it is twisted with healthy Japanese condiment.

As always, our recipe is healthy and less calories and guilty free!

All steps are very proper French cooking skills and each steps has meanings. Once you remember this recipe, you do not need to buy any shop-selling cream stew paste, that is a healthier choice.

I use Saikyo white Miso paste instead of ready to use chicken stock.

This small miso pack is not cheap but the taste is utterly worth trying. That is mild and deep flavour also you can expect natural effects of fermentation.

Couscous is another popular ingredient in French cuisine as well.

Ok, we mentioned all steps you need in the recipe, so if you would like to try this party food, why not having a look at the recipe!

It’s free download and enjoy your cooking!


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