Black Pepper Crab with Garlic Oil

I love Tiong Bahru wet market that is lively and full of energy. I am always inspired and charge my energy from their real local energy 🙂

The other day, I got a live mud crab and clams from the wet market and also something small dry ingredients.

Firstly, I let these live crabs sleep in a freezer.
Then I made a crab dish using crabs and clams.

This was absolutely epic!!!

The sauce is so flavourful and the taste is so deep since I infused the Umami of clams first.
This is absolutely addictive food.

Everybody dip dip and dip the dough into the garlic oil!

The local celery is a perfect fresh accent.

Definitely we will make this recipe and will share it to you soon!

Have a lovely week ahead.

Naoko xx

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