It was a Greece night!We love Mediterranean countries and have traveled a lot, and particularly this dish is a always winner for everybody. In Greece, Moussaka is layered with meat sauce and aubergine, and as the top layer, people spread the bechamel sauce (white sauce). It is similar to Lasagna […]


Japanese Cooking Class in Tiong Bahru

We are pleased to announce our exciting new courses in October. Most dishes are hands-on learning but if you are a beginner for cooking, don’t worry, our cooking is very simple and atmosphere is very relaxing. It’s good to come with your besties to catch up and have fun together! […]


Squid Galette with Tomato Sauce, Boiled Water Caltrop

Tomorrow is Mid-autumn festival day in Singapore. We appreciated mooncakes and enjoyed seasonal vegetables, which looks very strange to me! Delicious moon cakes from Mariott in Singapore. Absolutely elegant and delicious. And…totally new vegetables for me that is in season in autumn. ????Looks like bat and the shell is so […]