Recipe -Kids’ Pizza Making!

We can not dine in for a while, however we can make our food with our favourite ingredients, which might be much fun and a great opportunity to enhance the family bond!

The boys chose their toppings and attempted to make their the very first own pizza at home!

Are you ready to have a go?
Good to be ambitious, boys! 🙂

Keep on knead knead knead.

Oh joy!


What an extravaganza!

After the big punch, make a big ball.

Roll roll, rolling pin!

Move on putting on the toppings you want!

Oh yes, we need munching for refilling our energy.

The boys love the sweet honey smell of Goodness Gracious‘s eco friendly wraps!

Finally, it’s time to let it slide into the oven!

Well done young chefs!

Tasting time!


They were pretty chuffed! 🙂

We have shared the recipe of basic pizza dough, if you are interested in homemade one for your family activity, click HERE and feel free to down load it.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

Naoko xx

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