Thank you so much for joining the class -Sizzling Ginger Hokkaido Pork (Buta no Shoga Yaki), Oozing Egg Yolk with Anchovy Mayonnaise, Strawberry Cheese Cake, TWG French Earl Grey Biscotti

What an honourable experience to host such a famous star for sharing our Japanese cooking!
In this week, we had a lovely and charming chef, Melissa, who was a candidate of Masterchef Singapore 2021.

She is knowledgeable and passionate about Japanese culture and culinary so much and that made me overwhelmed!
It was a pleasure to share our each experiences in Japan during our cooking.

She is a master of not only cooking but also taking photos.

These were taken by her with professional camera and her skills.
Looks amazing, doesn’t it!
She is a wonderful and inspirational lady.

Photo credit: Melissa Chloelia Lim
Photo credit: Melissa Chloelia Lim
Photo credit: Melissa Chloelia Lim

Thank you Mel for such a wonderful time with you.
We are looking forward to seeing you next week for another class!
Lastly, thank you Mogushop for providing us such a delicious and quality Umeshu.

Naoko xx

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