Casual Mini Kaiseki

Our traditional formal feast style is called Kaiseki which is a multi-course dining to be served with 14 different type of dishes.
We should express the season on a each plate for showing our worship to nature. 

The other day, I was asked to make some Japanese dishes for shooting photos for a photographer’s university work.

​Unhesitatingly I chose this course for him: Casual Mini Kaiseki  

Normally we don’t involve any noodle dish in Kaiseki but I was keen to make a soup noodle for the sake of my new trial taste. 
Smaller dish, Hassun. 
Simmered pork
Pickled vegetables
Tofu and warm salad
Simmered dish, Takiawase
Vegetable Soup Noodle
(I know, for Japanese people, this is definitely weird to be involved in Kaiseki, but please don’t blame me!)
Mizumono, dessert
Phew…finally done.

I hope this was fruitful and inspirational for the young photographer.

Right, I’m gonna start a preparing for my supper club on this Friday night.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!