Chicken Legs in Creamy Garlic Yuzu Kosho (Yuzu flavoured chilli paste) Sauce

Oh my goodness, I have spotted something on the focaccia! Please let me explain that the black thing on the focaccia is not a bug, that’s just baked rosemary! 🙂

Oh dear, still I can’t stop minding the rosemary that seems grasshopper!! lol
Please allow me to shout that THAT’S NOT A BUG again.

Going back the main story, we used oat milk instead of cream, so this dish is much healthier and lighter and less guilty.
Then I chose Yuzu Kosho which has deep savoury flavour and little bit amount of Wasabi paste for seasoning the sauce.

Yuzu Kosho is really powerful and effective for creating hidden deep flavour.

Anyway, never mind any teeny tiny things, that’s Wet Wednesday, everyone is tired (and me too!).

Right, it’s going to be very cold here Cornwall, so please stay warm everyone.

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Naoko xx

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