Marinated deep-fried Cornish Sprats (Nambam-zuke 南蛮漬け)

Busy half-term has just opened the curtains.
Here, Cornwall, is luckily blessed with glorious autumnal weather.
These stunning and picturesque scenery and vibrant colours allow me to be more creative.
I made one of very Japanese dish for my family: Marinated deep-fried Cornish Sprats (Nambam-zuke) 
Local fresh sprats which were deep-fried with low temperature for long time and marinated in vinegary marinade were extremely tender and so, you can eat whole figure even heads and tails.
This packs loads of good calcium. 
How joyful!
And I served other traditional side dishes as well.
Rice ball called Nigiri.
Sesame seasoned fine beans.
This looks like obvious Miso soup.
Miso, Soya sauce, Sake etc, these fermented condiments are our source of Japanese people’s healthy long life, I think.   

Well, I hope you have had a lovely week.