Japanese Pulled Pork -Build your own wrap salad

After a hearty Sunday roast, usually I have some leftover.
This time it was Roasted Pork, so I remade the gravy into Japanese gravy using soy sauce, sake and honey and made the pork to be reborn as Pulled Pork.  

And here is “Build your own wrap salad” with Japanese Pulled Pork.

I served not only plenty of fresh vegetables but also Bean Thread Noodle Oyster Sauce as garnish.
This is so healthy: no gluten, loads of vitamin!   
I loved nice crunch vegetables, so clean!
If you have some leftover at your kitchen, why not try this arrangement for yourself?
I’ve shared the recipe of Bean Thread Noodle Oyster Sauce before, I hope this would be helpful for you.

Recipe of Bean Thread Noodle Oyster Sauce is HERE

See you soon everyone!