Recipe: Elderflower & Lemon Ice Cream

My beloved season has just come!

Wild garlic, elderflower and dandelion etc… I quite like to pick these seasonal harvests up and make some food.
This time, I made elderflower syrup first.

Elderflower syrup is so versatile, we can make cordiale that my children absolutely love to drink and if we drop syrup into bubbly wine, it turns into super flavourful glass of bubbles!

Using the syrup, I made homemade ice cream.

Elderflower & Lemon Ice Cream

This recipe is super simple and easy, truly, but you can enjoy rich and delightful taste.
Most of all, we don’t use any artificial ingredients at all for this ice cream, you would be feel relief to feed your family.

Would you be intrigued to try?
Of course you can!
Ingredients which you need are simply only 5 elements!

My favourite antique Victorian dessert spoons made me extra uplifted.

I hope you enjoy this pretty and beautiful season too.

Naoko xx

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