Squid Two Ways -Lightly Seared Squid Sushi Yuzu Miso Paste, Sake Boiled Squid Noodle with Tororo Kombu, Compressed Pickled Radish

The other day, I was totally overwhelmed with such a beautiful night sky in Truro.
I realised again that how much we are blessed and lucky to live in amazingly beautiful and peaceful place in the world.

I was so inspired by stunning clear viewing, and here is the plate which I made.

I’m not certain why I chose squid, but squid is a hugely popular seafood in Japan.

And Ikura (Salmon roe) is also essential filling for Sushi for us.

As last, here is the fluffy Kelp (Kombu) called Tororo Kombu, which is so light and almost same texture with candy floss.
Once you put Tororo Kombu into your mouth, that is surprisingly mouth melt!

That authentic Tororo Kombu is to be honest pricy but worth paying because that has so high great nutritions in them.
When I was a high-school student, literally I brought a packed lunch which contained Tororo Kombu rice balls.

Ummmm…it’s already Thursday today. Weekend is nearly there!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Naoko xx

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