Soba (Buckwheat noodle), Tofu & Sweet onion Dashi jelly Salad

Whenever I have such a lazy weekend morning (especially in a bank holiday morning!), I much prefer to make a noodle for a brunch as that’s the most simple cooking for me.

For this long weekend, I made a Soba brunch.
Simplicity is the best but the taste is not simply as this dipping soup is my hand made and made of Kelp and Dried bonito.
This is the genuine authentic method to make a Soba broth.  

My most favourite way to have Soba is to drop a fresh raw quail egg to a dipping soup.  
Aww I can’t resist this!

And I made Tofu & Sweet onion Dashi jelly salad together. 

My boys had happy tummies with these very Japanese taste.
(What a messy table! Never mind mum) 
Anyway I’m so grateful that I have a peaceful evening here at the end of this long weekend even if I was so much busy with boys for them. 
Have a lovely half term everyone.