Cornish Octopus Two Way -Carpaccio with Mediterranean dressing and Stew with Tomato, Garlic, Barley

The other day, luckily I got a super fresh Cornish octopus which was caught on the day before. 
Then after I cleaned it, I have frozen some parts for 48 hours for the sake of making the meat tender. 

After to be frozen, the meat is really soft.

Look at these beautiful fresh octopus!

I marinated in a Mediterranean dressing shortly and served with sliced onion.

Another dish is the stew with tomato, garlic and barley.
The octopus meat is much tenderer by heating and lots of fresh vegetables are simmered together, so it’s so delightful for my kids who haven’t eaten octopus before.
Served a garlic toast along with that.
Whoosh whoosh, it’s already the middle of July!

I hope you have a lovely summer.