Hanami(Flower viewing) Lunch mini Kaiseki

Finally, the cherry tree in my garden has started blossming this year too.
Cheery blossom what is Japanese national flower is particularly special for me too.
So, I made my mind to make a little festive meal for celebrating this new season. 
Hanami (花見) Lunch Mini Kaiseki platter.
Grilled prawn with spinach avocado yuzu sauce
Salted tofu, Cornish crab meat
Scallop, whipped dashi sauce Yuzu pepper
Soy bonito kelp salad
Dipping Soba Noodle 
Not only cherry blossom but also Japanese maple tree has sprouted new leaves.
Every lives looks jolly and lively.
That’s the reason why I love this season the best. 

Have a lovely week, everyone.