Dipping Chicken Ramen, Mochi Milky Green tea sauce

What a glorious weekend in such a beautiful weather! 
We had a hiking for climbing up the hill to see the ancient church.
We had some unpredictable accidents like as usual though, we were totally refreshing ourselves with this beautiful spring sky.
After such a energetic time, we had hearty meal, and with good reason. 
This is the one what I have been crazy about making.
Home made Chicken broth for dipping ramen.   
Finally I have gained my taste.

I serve various toppings like Namul, Steamed chicken, Soy Bonito Kale, and Crab meat.  

For the dessert, I made a mochi and Milky Green tea sauce.
This is one of my husband’s favourite.

I really feel like having you with this my special dish in my supper club in the soon future.
Keep your eyes on my website for the upcoming events.

Have a lovely week.