*Recipe* Tonkatsu (Breaded deep-fried pork steak) Ponzu dressing and Stir-fried vegetables with Hummus dressing (Goma Ae)

It’s gonna be Christmas.

I have been asked so many times “Do you celebrate Christmas in Japan?”, my answer is alway “yes”, however I personally think that we Japanese put completely different value on Christmas according to religious and historical reasons.
Originally our main religion was Buddhism, but nowadays our life-styles are getting more Western, which is good.
And most Japanese people absolutely admire British culture which has long history and lots of traditions, so those are keen to enjoy copying Western’s way to celebrating Christmas: decorate Christmas tree, eat cake…but I can say that Christmas is not the family gathering celebration but just for romance.
So most fine restaurants and posh hotels are fully booked by lovers on Christmas eve.
If I say “I’m going to stay with my family on Christmas eve” to someone, most people would assume that I am single who has no romantic plan (how silly!!!).
I don’t dare to say any judgemental things because this might be caused by cultural background. 

Despite everything, I just wanted to tell you that the way to celebrate Christmas is quite different from Britain.    
Today’s story would sound random for you, but I would like to share one of super traditional Japanese dish recipe with you.

Tonkatsu (Breaded deep-fried pork steak) Ponzu dressing and Stir-fried vegetables with Hummus dressing (Goma Ae)
It is said that apparently the tourists from all over the world to Japan are amazingly increasing in these couple years, and Tonkatsu is the top five popular meal for tourists.
You don’t need to make long travel to Japan if you would try this recipe at your kitchen.
Don’t worry, my recipe is super simple but all are authentic.

Here is the recipe of this hearty gutsy meal. 

I hope you are getting ready for celebrating Christmas.
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