London Trip

This is a throwback to the last Friday.
I had a trip to London by myself for something wonderfully remarkable experience.

London was dazzling and brightened for celebrating the winter already.

There is no reason to resist this temptation for me…Why not! 
Awww heaven, especially after a long train journey and walking around in busy central London.

This trip was not only for treating myself but also for updating my cooking knowledge: Sabrina Ghayour’s Persian and Middle Eastern flavourful cookery class.
This was my main aim to visit London this time.

I deeply love her recipes which pack delicious flavourful dishes led by very kind instructions,  and her love for making people pleased.  

The lesson started from 6.30pm at the kitchen studio in Knightsbridge. 

Her lesson was so informative about cooking tips and also about Persian cultures and life styles.
Sabrina was so friendly and generous for sharing her world to everybody.
She took sincere care of her students.   
We made five Persian foods which mixed with traditional and modern style. 
Oh what a food heaven!!
All are flavourful and delicious.
Especially I loved Lamb and Celery Stew, which was so scrumptious!
And Sabrina kindly accepted my asking for taking photos and autograph on her recipe book which I brought from home.
I was so ecstatic!
Thank you Sabrina for such a fantastic experience.

Until this point, all were great for me.
Then I happily headed to Paddington station where the sleeper train which I had booked was waiting for me. 
However due to heavy rain around the South West, the train was cancelled!
My goodness!

Approximate 20 people were waiting for an announcement of GWR in the lounge.  
Luckily GWR arranged all accommodations and transportations to the hotel for everyone.
Phew, finally I could check in the hotel near Lancaster Gate station at 1.30am.

The next day, it was beautiful weather in London. 

I enjoyed window shopping for a few hours until the train which I reserved to return to Cornwall.
Before lunch time, finally I got on the train at Paddington as planned.
However my story didn’t finish yet…I have one more unexpected happening on the train.

Soon after departing Paddington, the driver announced that the train has a problem of brake and we would have had to have a stop for fixing the problem at Newbury station.
We stayed on the seats for 20 minutes around at the station, however unfortunately the driver couldn’t fix the brake problem…
The announcement said that the brakes were still harsh than normal but we restarted driving with reduced speed with care.

What a trip!!

After the slow trip headed to Cornwall for 5 hours, GWR decided to stop their service at Plymouth station where the next station to Cornwall for safe sake.  

They said they would supply us an alternative train to go to Cornwall soon.
At this moment, I was enough exhausted by repeated unpleased happenings, so I asked my husband to rescue me.
He flied to me driving his car with our children. 

Eventually, I could be back to home after 7 hours from London and finished my London trip.

It was adventurous but I really enjoyed and had a lot of thrilling experiences in London.

Thank you for reading such a long report!

I hope you had a relaxing weekend, everyone.
Have a lovely week!