My Favourite Moment

That is a time in the next morning of any of my pop-ups.
And nothing could be better if I have a sour bread and savoury brioche of Courtyard Deli.
To be honest, since I have met their sour bread, I can’t find any other better one in Cornwall.
I never exaggerate, their bread and pastry are the best.   
And this savoury brioche has layers of butter and flour like a croissant and involves rich flavours of olive and parmigiana cheese.
I haven’t tried any savoury brioche before but this is an extraordinary delicious.
I was overwhelmed with perfect savoury taste and fluffy texture.
Their bread and pastry are Chris’s handmade.   
And I finish my heaven with their macarons. 
This is my customary treat for my self in the next morning of my pop-up in Falmouth.

Truly, I can highly recommend you all such a lovely Courtyard Deli in Falmouth. Definitely worth popping into their cozy room and letting your tastebud pleased.

Have a lovely week, everyone!