Vinegared Cornish mackerel Sashimi, Sake washed squid with porcini jelly broth

Whenever I go shopping to Truro town centre on Farmers’ Market Day, I always pop over Kernowsashimi who is the local fish monger.
It’s so fun to have a chat with the fisherman about Today’s Fish which were caught by himself.

This time luckily I got the most freshest mackerel and squid from them (So excited!!) 
​Look at them, so beautiful!!

First, I cleaned them and let some cured in a fridge for the next day’s cooking. 
I always love this moment that I concentrate on my knife works.  

Then as a first day with these beautiful guys, I made this dish:
Cornish mackerel, squid with porcini jelly broth

Serve a Japanese arrowroot (Kudzu 葛) Noodle and bamboo shoot as a garnish.
Have a lovely rest of the week!