Wagyu (Japanese beef) Steak, Taramasalata Pasta and Salad with sesame dressing 

St. Valentine’s Day.
In Japan, people enjoy this event with similar way like as the UK.
But only one different point from Western culture is that only female are allowed to appeal their love feelings to different gender with sweet chocolates on this day.
I have no idea why only for female???
Anyway, my husband and I normally don’t do anything particular things for this event but somehow I did special surprising cooking for him (half for my sake.. haha) this year.  
Sizzling Wagyu (Japanese beef) Steak and Taramasalata Pasta.
Served green salad with Japanese sesame dressing alongside.

Wagyu has exceptional flavour and tender texture.
I always much thank these harvests for our lives.

I hope you have a lovely healthy day tomorrow.