Sasuke Ramen in Soho, London

Just before setting off for my holidays, I found amazingly delicious Japanese Ramen Restaurant in London.
It was Sasuke Ramen, in Soho. 
It was just after their opening time, their space was fairly quiet.
(Actually it was better for me to bring small children.)
Quite familiar atmosphere for us.
We ordered Gyoza, Mini Chashu Don (Mini Pork Belly Braised Rice Bowl), Spicy Miso Chashu Ramen and Tsuke (Dipping) Ramen.
Spicy Miso Chashu Ramen.
This is very fine noodle.
This was lovely, not too spicy.
​And most of all…
​I was in love with Tsuke (Dipping) Ramen. 
Surprisingly this soup packs extremely rich flavour of bonito.
I was hit by feeling of flashback to Japan.
​This is the authentic Japanese taste.
Actually I’m getting mouth watering again now.

​I highly recommend them for Japanese Food Lovers.

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