Snowman -Salmon Potato Goujons, Roasted Pepper, Flat Mushroom

This was my boys’ hit of our dinner recently.
Empty plates after their dinner is more than happy as mum!

Also this is so healthy and easy cooking: use only 1 fry-pan and the oven.
And more, you can recreate different dinner dish using the same ingredients for the next day.

Does it sound attractive for you?
Here is the method for the cooking:

The ingredients are fresh salmon (no need steaks), Baking potato, Flat Mushroom, Cheddar Cheese, Coconut milk, Panko and Herves (Caraway seeds, Nutmeg, Ground Coriander)

First, boil the potato in a sufficient water in a deep pan until it’s throughly cooked to be pierced the skewer through it.
Meanwhile cook the mushroom and salmon.
Put the flat mushrooms in a fry-pan and sprinkle some sea salt over and heat them on medium heat with lid on. 
You can find juice in mushroom cups and this juice is the incredibly flavourful seasoning for the mushroom and salmon which you will cook later on. 
That’s so delicious that you don’t need any other seasoning like butter. 

Don’t ignore this mushroom’s magic essence!
Then flip over the mushrooms and keep heating on a low heat with lid again until they turn into nice brown.
Remove from the fry-pan and put them aside.
Meanwhile cure the salmon.
Remove the skin using your knife on the chopping board like the picture.
Then put one tea spoon of butter into the SAME (remember, don’t wash the fry-pan after the mushroom) fry-pan and heat the salmon skin outside down first with some pinch of sea salt until it turns into be crispy.
Remove the skin from the fry-pan and add the salmon with some sea salt.
Make them into flakes using spatula. ​
Transfer the salmon and potato into a food processor and add the grated Cheddar, Herbs and pinch of sea salt.
​(If you don’t have a food processor, no worries you can mash them in a deep bowl instead)
Make a mashed salmon and potato mixture. 
Make them shaped ball with your palms, and coat them with  Panko and dried rosemary (Optional). 
Put the balls into the oven and grill them on 200c for 20 – 23 minutes until they are nice golden.
Meanwhile make an coconut sauce,
Put some grated garlic, one tea spoonful of butter and two Table Spoon of Coconut milk per person and some drops of the Fish Sauce as well.
Ok, well done, it’s nearly finished, just assembling left only!

​Place a mushroom on a plate and put Salmon Goujon and roasted pepper.
And put the smaller Goujon on top like a head of snowman.
As a last step, pour the coconut source around the mushroom and put the salmon skin just before you serve.

How about attempt this while the Christmas holiday?

If you make your snowman, please let me know your masterpiece!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.