Journey for Grilled Eel Rice Bowl

Unaju, Grilled Eel rice Bowl, is quite popular dish in Japan.
Grilled eels which is char-grilled by specialists of eel are absolutely delicious. 
The combination of delicious warm rice and glistering sweet caramel-like unagi sauce over the perfectly grilled unagi is just lovable.

Actually I asked my husband to bring me to my favourite grilled eel restaurant  just after giving a birth of my first son.
Like that, they deserve credit as a special treat.

Nowadays I really miss their taste, but sadly it’s pretty hard to get the fresh eel in Cornwall.
Very sad.

This week I happened to find a packed smoked eels in a online shop, no reason not to buy it.
And cooked Grilled Eel Rice Bowl.  

That looked absolutely authentic one.

But…taste and texture of the eels were sadly far from my joy.

These my journey for the perfect grilled eel dish is still keep going.