Braised Pork belly & Cornish Crab Rice Bowl (豚の角煮 & カニ丼), Pickled Mooli (大根の漬物)

I have started making “Pickled vegetable” which called “Tsukemono (漬物)” in Japanese language. 
Tsukemono has long long history related to Buddhism in Japan, so we can say that this is one of the most traditional Japanese food.
And it is said that their fermentation made by natural vegetation are so good for our health.
My mum used to make them also and we had it every day. 

​And the other day, I made another very popular Japanese food:
Braised Pork belly & Cornish Crab Rice Bowl.

Slow simmered pork belly totally took out their fat and remain only their collagen.
So that’s utterly healthy!  
And I chose another fresh taste: Cornish crab Rice bowl
And why not serve the pickled mooli alongside?
Look like small Japanese gardens? 🙂

I hope you have had a lovely start of this week.