<Trial> Sushi Cake, Mackerel Rillettes, Fried Vegetables

The other day, I finally got a new Japanese ingredient which I was dying so much!
​Yay yay
That was Pearl Agar. 
This produces an almost middle result of texture, gloss and the temperature of coagulating of Agar and Gelatine.
Also it makes extremely transparent jelly, then we can expect really crystal  work. 
Such a versatile product indeed, so I was extraordinary excited.

Then I attempted to make an unique dish: Sushi Cake, Mackerel Rillettes, Fried Vegetables

​First, I fried sliced vegetables, carrots and spinach, in a fry-pan.

Meanwhile made a mackerel rillette and boiled lettuce leaves, turnip and sweet corn briefly in a kelp broth.  

​Then, just made some layers in a small bowl applying the Pearl Agar as  glue and wrapped all up with the lettuce leaves.


Oh my word! What on earth… 
Appearance was not perfect at all, but taste was not too bad actually.
Just need more practice!
um, cooking does need our fun feeling for creative dish.

Make our table a bit more fun, brighter and healthier!
It’s not a rocket science.

That’s my principle.

Have a lovely day today too everyone!