Tan Tan Ramen Noodle & Vegetable Sushi

The other day, I presented my husband with Tan Tan Ramen Noodle, spicy and rich Japanese dish takes on a Chinese flavour. 
This flavourful dish made with ramen noodles, minced pork, sesame oil, tahini, soya sauce and chilli oil etc is one of his favourite meal (of course me too!!)

And served vegetable sushi alongside as a side dish.
Here is my handmade Tan Tan Ramen Noodle.
And who are you hiding behind the bamboo leaf?
They are Vegetable Sushi Set! 
Roasted onion Sushi and Kelp marinated Chinese leaf Sushi.
And what we can never ignore as a side dish for Sushi are pickled ginger and Wasabi paste, such an essential combination.  

The green tower is the sliced courgette with pickled plum (Ume-ku, 梅きゅう).

Other little garnish are Elder flower perl, Sugar snap, Mushed Soy beans, Radish and Organic Nasturtium.  
(Mushed soy beans definitely would look like a green caterpillar though…it wan’t on purpose! ) 
They are the sample image of the menu for my next Supper Club at Porthtowan Beach Cafe on Thursday 3rd August.

Here is the menu for that night (vegetarian menu available)

Booking is here

I hope to see you all there.
Have a lovely week, everyone.xx