Teriyaki chicken Yuzu kosho Canape, Tofu Edamame puree, Japanese green leaves salad Sesame dressing   

Spring is nearly on the corner in this beautiful Cornwall.
Little buds what I saw a couple of weeks ago are now starting to bloom.
In such a lovely day, luckily I met a great local vegetable supplier.
That was Newline Eco-Gardens in St Newlyn East.
They deal some Asian vegetables that are really difficult to find out in Cornwall.  
Mizuna (水菜), 
Chrysanthemum (春菊), even Chinese Chive (ニラ)!

These vegetables they raised with much love are so flavourful and really fresh.

​By huge inspirations from their healthy good taste, I finished to tune the taste for my next Japanese supper club.
(My meat comes from Brian Etherington Meat )

Teriyaki Chicken Yuzu Kosho Canape, Tofu Edamame puree, Cornish Green Salad Sesame dressing
Boiled and Soy dried bonito seasoned vegetables (Ohitashi おひたし) 
All are very traditional Japanese food.
I will serve you with some of them at my supper club of next week.

I hope to say hello to you as much as I can.