Japanese tapas platter -Chawanmushi in Mooli & Cornish Crab salad 

The other day when I bumped into a fresh mooli at a local store, I decided to make this menu in my mind.

‘Chawanmushi in Mooli’
Chawanmushi is a savoury egg custard dish and very authentic Japanese dish.
It literary means “steamed in a tea bowl” as Chawan means tea bowl and Mushi means steamed.
We combine beaten egg and Japanese Dashi (made of kelp & Dried bonito flakes) for this egg custard, so this filling is so flavourful but so clean taste.

And served Cornish Crab salad, Miso soup and rice alongside.
I substituted mooli for a tea bowl, then we can eat all of them!
It looks new but tastes traditional.
​Fun isn’t it?
I am planning to serve you with these Japanese tapas at some point in this year.

Today, a severe storm is coming to Cornwall.
Keep warm and have a restful evening, everyone.