Seafoods on the table

It was the day of when I found the beautiful changing of the sky. 

My friends gave me absolutely fresh and fantastic quality raw seafoods.
These fishes came from the local fish monger, Tregida Seafood Ltd (, in Launceston. 
I couldn’t stop being excited with cooking such fresh stuffs.

I chose two dishes. 

  • Orange & Mint Cured Sea Bass with Yuzu Sorbet. (オレンジ&ミント風味 シーバスのソテー ゆずシャーベット) 

  • Squid with stuffed rice (いかめし) 
The Japanese Citrus Sorbet which was getting melt on the crispy grilled Sea Bass was amazingly good.
And the freshest squid was really tender even if it was heated.
My children devoured them too 🙂

Oh Joy, what a lovely treat.

It was the day when I thanked friends’ kindness.