Lucky Pouch -Oyster Sauce Pork

We had a fun night with game-style dinner.

Each pouch is stuffed with minced pork which is seasoned with oyster sauce, and only one pouch has boiled quail egg inside as an extra filling.

Of course, only me who made the dinner knew which one is the lucky one, and somebody who would pick up that one was a winner of today!
Obviously everybody was eager to be a winner, hence they were devouring and scoffing the pouches, which was a great effect for me since usually the boys are busy to chat rather than eating and the dinner takes long time to finish.

Oh my! Maybe this is the one?!

Yappieee! ‘I got the egg!!’

Oh dear, somebody seems like to be hugely disappointed.

Well, we played proper games aiming for refilling the boy’s emptiness after the dinner 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Naoko xx

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