Boiled Mantis Shrimp (シャコ) with Vinegary Yellow Egg Sauce, Simmered Vegetables, Clam Soup

I was over the moon when I spotted the fishmonger who sells a live Mantis Shrimp which is called Shaco in Japanese.

Mantis Shrimp is staple seafood for proper Sushi restaurant in Japan since it’s taste is so good despite it has peculiar looking and unique figure.
Actually Mantis Shrimp is dealt in with expensive price in Japan.

The other day, luckily I got two live Mantis Shrimp (super excited!)
Then I cook them with my love and respect.

The dinner table was fulled with traditional Japanese foods.

The Mantis Shrimp that was just cooked was just perfect -slightly sweet, juicy and flavourful

This super clear soup was infused with Mantis Shrimp and obviously clams.

For the boiled Mantis Shrimp, Ponzu dressing was another great way to appreciate it’s subtle and elegant taste.

By the way, this is extra story but Mantis Shrimp’s sickles are so so sharp, spiky and strong, I never want to be snipped by them!!!

If you have a chance to visit Tiong Bahru, it would worth popping in the wet market and fill grab some unique ingredients!

Naoko xx

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