Octopus in Herby Tomato Sauce with Creamy Anchovy Garlic Sauce, Peppery Wagyu Rice with Water Cress

I love octopus despite I know it’s not a major ingredient in the UK and Singapore. However I was enough lucky to have a chance to get such a fresh octopus from the local market.

To be honest, preparing octopus for starting cooking is not simple, but the more caring we take for cooking enhances our love for the food!

Well cleaned octopus is so tender and such a joyful food.

This hearty dish is Mediterranean that we loved so much. The Creamy Anchovy Garlic Sauce is addictively delicious.

Another star player for the table was stir-fried rice using Wagyu beef and seasoned with butter and soy sauce.

There is no failure to combine oily beef and water cress, you know? Absolutely this was a super star for my family.

Homemade pickles and soy bean salad.

Stay Safe, Eat Well.

Naoko xx

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