Homemade Oden (Japanese Fishcakes Stew)

What’s inside of that clay pot?! What a mesmerising style this Japanese dish is! I love this exciting feeling before opening the lid.

Oden consists of various types of ingredients such as fishcakes, meat, vegetables and eggs. Most people in Japan have their own favourite ingredients -it’s not an exaggeration!
My most favourite is definitely Daikon. Daikon is the essential one in Oden for me, also I can’t resist the succulent and well Dashi absorbed Daikon any more.
I made the soup from scratch using natural healthy condiments, hence that is light and healthy stew.

Don’t forget serving with Japanese mustard!

Yum Yum and simply so fun to pick up something you like!

This would be perfect for home party with your loved ones.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Naoko xx

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