Shuck! Shuck! -Nibble Style Home Party

This week, we made family parties for celebrating our anniversary for two straight days.
There is no need to dwell too much, definitely live oyster would be my last meal and whatever when we have any celebrating for special occasion, oyster is on our table.
Luckily we have found a great supplier of fresh oyster near us, then I shucked live ones every days because the time of eating after 10-15 minutes from shucking is utterly the best way to fully cherish the taste and texture of live oyster in our palate. Hence, shucking by yourself is the best choice for me.
Here are our small home parties’ table 🙂

And we had another high light in our parties -the best quality of Bordeaux wine, Chateau Pontet-Canet 2008

I felt to be blessed because our great regular customer of the class gave this special quality wine to us. Chateau Pontet-Canet was absolutely the best wine in my life!! We let it breathe for two hours in a decanter and appreciated the changing way of aroma of berries and smokiness in advance. The taste was so well balanced of depth and fruitiness, which was amazingly elegant!

And for the second night, we chose Japanese Sake that was distilled in Nishinomiya of Hyogo prefecture (兵庫県 西宮) where I lived in my childhood. Nishinomiya is famous place for making Sake.

Karatanba is nicely dry and sharp, so that is perfect company for any type of cuisine, particularly the clearness of Karatanba matches so well with creamy oysters.

Awww what a treat, absolutely bliss!

Wishing you a special Chinese New Year.

Naoko xx

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