Sea Bream Rice, Seaweed & Daikon Salad with Sour Dressing

Beautiful fresh sea bream

That was Sashimi grade, however we chose different Japanese food.

Sea Bream Rice that is called Tai Meshi in Japan.
We added Japanese premium brown rice into white rice.

The rice were seasoned with Dashi, Sake and White Dashi.

Scattered Shiso (Ooba) was great point for another Japanese accent.

And as a side dish, we made Seaweed & Daikon Salad with Sour Dressing.

The dressing is made of soured plum which is named Ume-boshi (梅干し).

We really appreciated and cherished such wonderful Nature Mother’s harvests.
We enjoyed some leftovers next morning as a stir-fried Tai Meshi with Takana 🙂

We are much grateful for our health as well.

Stay well, Stay healthy.

Naoko xx

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