Saury Yu-an Yaki in Clay Pot (秋刀魚の幽庵焼き)

Saury is a fish which is one of typical symbol of autumn in Japan.

I was so excited to get saury that was imported from Japan and fascinated to cook something very traditional dish of Japanese cuisine.
Then I made historical and traditional Japanese food which is another my favourite one -Yu-an Yaki (幽庵焼き)

Yu-an Yaki is the grilled fish dish that are marinated with Soy, Sake and Mirin in advance.

Char-grilled saury is nicely smoky but still pleasantly fatty which melt in your mouth 🙂

In Singapore, we don’t have any different seasons, it’s tropical whole year, but finally I enjoyed feeling and scent of Japanese autumn at home 🙂

I am keen to put this healthy, clean and light food on our cooking classes soon.
Hope you have a great start of new month, November.

Stay well, stay safe.

Naoko xx

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