Impressionist Food Art -Spring Flowers (Peonies)

William Merritt Chase (American, 1849–1916) who drew the oil painting, Spring Flowers, is one of my favourite artist.
And this painting is so attractive to me.  
I think this figure in Kimono might be bit different from proper traditional Japanese Kimono, but I like the composition and colour balance of the picture.  

So, I wanted to attempt to remake this masterpiece on a plate as my work for Impressionist Food Art series.

Hahaha, this might look odd (I don’t mind if so!) as this is not exact copying, is just impressionism! 

This plate is composed of Pork spring roll with sweet chilli, Galette with mushroom béchamel sauce, Carrot rapees, Soy marinated fried aubergine, Grilled mushroom and garlic cheese, Scrambled egg etc.
So that’s kind of all-in plate. 

Haha, I really enjoyed this work!
I’ll try to make some more impressionist food art, so I hope you enjoy with me as well.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!