Recipe -Shio-koji Cured Grilled Chicken Warm Salad with Mediterranean Sauce

Are you looking for a healthy but easy recipe?
Here we are for you!

This dish doesn’t use any fat at all but contains high protein and minerals.
Also by adding a Japanese condiment, Shio-koji, the chicken breast is so moisture and flavourful amazingly.
Healthy and tasty.
Sounds like such a delightful meal, doesn’t it.

This is Shio-koji which is so versatile for any dishes.

Pick your own and build your own salad!

This might be great way for entertaining your family or friends in home-party?

The recipe is free download, so please feel free to have a look at.
It’s worth having a go as that’s so simple cooking.

Have a happy cooking, everybody!

Naoko xx

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