Lazy Braised Pork (Japanese Cha-shu)

I’m not wondered if you thought what a strange name is this dish.
But I have a confidence to call this lazy, because I didn’t do any proper cooking for them -just marinated and braised in the oven!

First, you can’t ignore one Japanese condiment, Shio Koji which is a salted rice malt.
This fermentation element makes meat so tender and deeply flavourful.
​(You can get them from some online shops in the UK) 

Then, I just marinated the pork loin with Shio Koji, Japanese soy sauce, Sake, garlic and leek in a zipped bag over night in the fridge. 
Then, braise the pork with the marinade in a deep pan for 1.5 hours in the oven.


Easy peasy, isn’t it! 
Serve with Japanese pork gravy. 
The Cha-shu is perfect for the topping of Ramen (Soup noodle) and salad topping as well.

Only the key is Shio-koji.
If you are struggle to find Shio-koji, let me know, I’ll share the link to you.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!