Greek dishes -Maidanosalata, Warm Roasted Carrot and Lentil Salad

We have had a lovely break in Greece since the middle of last month.
We saw deep blue in the sky, pure white of buildings like icing sugar cakes and turquoise blu on the beach shining like gems.
The contrast of shine and shade was so vivid and lively, we were literally  overwhelmed. 
How inspirational place!
Most of all, luckily we had some chances to attend Greek/Mediterranean cookery lessons during this trip, and wonderful native Greek chefs gave me pack of knowledges and skills for authentic taste.

Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, lots of fresh herbs and obviously so fresh Feta cheese and Olive oil are basic ingredients and I really loved so fresh flavourful vegetables and seafoods.

Especially I was so lucky to have met a lovely lady called Fotini who holds Greek cookery lesson and B&B service in Athens. She was so warm and thoughtful and we talked lots about ourselves tasting delicious food which we made together at her private kitchen.
At the end of lesson, I felt as like we have met before for long time. 
This is exactly the only chance in a life-time.

After coming back to normal life, we were still missing the taste of Greece.
So I made Greek dishes which I gained in lessons.
Maidanosalata, Warm Roasted Carrot and Lentil Salad
This is Maidanosalata, traditional food of Syros island, made of fresh parsley, onion, garlic, olive oil etc etc.
Fotini served this sauce for bread spreading, but we enjoyed it as a dipping sauce for vegetable sticks.  
The main was Warm Roasted Carrot and Lentil Salad.
Seasoned with dried tomato, capers, onion and oregano etc.
Even we didn’t add any meat or meat broth at all, this was so flavourful and my family devoured!  
These two are perfect for vegan food.

I’m going to share these healthy fresh taste which is even not Japanese food to you all little by little on my website.

I hope you started a lovely week.