Japanese Tapas on the Cornish Beach

I wholeheartedly love long evenings in the summer of the UK.
And I love beautiful environments in Cornwall from bottom of my heart. 
Although such a busy weekend for entertaining my boys (and enjoying myself for swimming in the sea!), I was enough inspired by these genuine nature. 
Then I made this Japanese Tapas Platter.
Almost ingredients of seafood came from local Cornish fishmongers. 
Teriyaki Salmon Sushi.
Cornish Crab, Wasabi sauce Salad
Grilled Prawn, Stir Fried Garlic Rice
And…and…proper Cornish stones from the beach :), Nasturtium flower, Cornish quail egg and Dil & flower from my garden!

Feeling not bad, I wish you all blessed at any moment.