Japanese Supper Club with Potluck Cornwall

It has always been a dream of mine of serving my Japanese dishes in Cornwall.
Then the big opportunity has arrived and my dream has come true.
That was my Japanese Supper Club.
This time New Years Festive Food was the theme.
I wanted to introduce the real authentic Japanese Family Festive Foods which are difficult for native people to experience at the restaurants in the UK. 
I produced typical Osechi (New Year’s Festive Foods) from all scratch.

And all other dishes were very popular in Japan as well.  

Sushi Platter with Miso Soup
Hamburg Japanese Style
Mini Udon and Fried Tofu
Mochi & Japanese Barley Tea.

​Such a priceless time to share the different cultures and experiences of each others’! 

Thank you so much for everyone who came over mine.
I was so happy to meet you and your lovely smiles. 
I hope to see you soon.