Japanese Pulled Pork

Early summer in Cornwall is purely beautiful and their live natures are inspirational for my cooking world.  
That’s a bunch of Wild Garlic which my son picked up and carried for me.

I arranged Pulled Pork with these fresh Wild Garlic with Japanese taste.  

I wanted to express my feeling of full of the joys of spring! 
My cooking method using the cast iron deep pan, this pulled pork is much more easier & quicker cooking. 
Roast the marinated pork with Soy sauce, Sake and Honey with keeping the lid in the oven.
​Just it. 
Sprinkle the chopped Wild Garlic for the last step and ready to eat! 
Half roasted & half steamed pork by the heavy lid are incredibly succulent and flavourful.

What a wonderful time if I could make a picnic with you here too!
​I just thought such a thing.

I hope you have a relaxed evening today.